Results from August 8, 2014

Yes, the results are in from what was a massive night of racing with 63 entries and 9 races each round (Novice A, Novice B, Short Course A, Short Course B, Stock 2wd A, Stock 2wd B, Modified 2wd, Modified 4wd and Stadium Truck).  We had to cut down race times to 4 minutes in order to not finish after Midnight, but I believe that we finished around 11:30 PM.

Full results, as usual, can be found here

Also a reminder that we are compiling orders for the Schumacher Tyre order for which prices can be found below. I have added part numbers for the compounds and models to help ease any confusion as to which tyre is which.

U6767 – SCT Mini-Pin Blue(firm) $20 per pair – Link
U6277 – SCT Inserts (firm) $5 per pair – Link

Information on Schumacher Buggy Tyres

Buggy mini-pin slim $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – Yellow U6609
Buggy Mini-pin Rear $13.50 per pair – Blue U6602, Yellow U6608
Buggy mini-pin front $12.50 per pair (4wd front)- Blue U6601, Yellow U6607
Buggies come in Blue(Firm) and Yellow(Medium)

Cut stagger front $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – U6759
Cut stagger low profile $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – Blue U6776, Yellow U6770
Stagger $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – Yellow U6592
Buggies come in Blue(Firm) and Yellow(Medium)

Buggy Rear Inserts $3.50 per pair
Buggy 4wd Front inserts $3.50 per pair
Buggy slim, 2wd front, inserts $3.50 per pair  (no inserts are recommended for the 2wd front tyres by the schumacher website)

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  1. acko82 says:

    Can I get 2 pairs of SCT tires & Foams? Cheers

  2. No problems (I presume this is James?). Actually I need to add some SCT foams to my order as well.

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