Friday 8th August, Round 3!!!

Well, again we open the doors, and crank up the heaters!!

FRIDAY NIGHT, WE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will bring us up to the 3rd round, of the Winter points series. To date, it has been very close racing across the board in ALL classes, and we’re looking forward to another close round!!

Just a couple of notes:

– Before your race, place cars on the pallets up near race control, with ENTRY ONLY up the ramp, and after your race, complete your lap, park car at the START of the main strait, waiting for ALL DRIVERS TO FINISH BEFORE leaving the drivers stand, EXIT ONLY BY THE STEPS

– ALL parking is around on the main entry side. NO PARKING on the Access Road side. Race Control, Canteen Staff, and Disabled Parking ONLY. No parallel parking, and please keep the exit well clear of cars, as required by fire regulations.

As always, doors opened by 6PM,

Racing to start at 7PM.

We all did a wonderful job last meet, keeping to the schedule, only running 10min late, which was a wonderful occasion!!!! Again we’ll be asking for early entries once you get to the track. Once Macca’ has his cars sorted, we’ll call for entries, so line up then!!!!!

This helps us in two ways.

1) It gives us time to sort out classes, with large volumes of racers, it is often hard to make everyone fit in!! The extra time, gives me time to sort it all out.

2) helps us to keep it all on time!!!!!! Hey, I like to sleep!!!!!!!!

See you all Track Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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