Racing this Friday, Schumacher Tyre pricing

Friday night we run again!!! That came around quick didn’t it!!!!!
We run another round of the Winter points round this week, as the temperature drops outside, the action heats up!!!

As always, doors open by 6pm and racing starts at 7pm.

We will be having a proper drivers briefing this week, will be quick, just a couple of points to make the night flow a little better. So as soon as you see Macca ready, wonder over and sign in early, as we’ll do our best to start on time.

Now, to the next point of business!!!!!

Schumacher Tyre pricing list.

Scott has kindly sent through our club pricing. We will be making up a an order and shooting it off to get on the way. So if you are keen for a set of something, please either see us at the track, or leave a reply here stating what you’d like.

SCT Mini-Pin Blue(firm) $20 per pair
SCT Inserts (firm) $5 per pair

Buggy Mini-pin Rear $13.50 per pair
Buggy mini-pin front $12.50 per pair
Buggy mini-pin slim $12.50 per pair (this is 2wd front)
Buggies come in Blue(Firm) and Yellow(Medium)

Cut stagger front $12.50 per pair (2wd front)
Cut stagger low profile $12.50 per pair (2wd front)
Stagger $12.50 per pair (2wd front)

Buggy Rear Inserts $3.50 per pair
Buggy 4wd Fr inserts $3.50 per pair
Buggy slim inserts $3.50 per pair (2wd front)

Now there is a lead time on these orders, depending on the volume we order, up to a two week lead, so please be quick on this if required.


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  1. If my new set of Springs turn up i’ll be there for a fun run before work otherwise i’ll be there next round!!

  2. jarrod painting says:

    can i please get some
    2x buggy 2wd front minipin firm
    2x buggy 4wd front minipin firm
    2x buggy rear minipin firm

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