SCT Tyre rules….

Well, now the track is almost completely carpet, the committee has come together on a decision, placing two more tyres to the SCT tyre listing, approved for use at Launceston RC “Short Course Truck” class.
With testing to continue, and the Launceston Cup getting closer, we’ve taken the decision to add these two tyres ONLY to the approved list…

Schumacher Racing- Schumacher “Mini Pin” Blue

Schumacher mini pins

Schumacher mini pins

Pro-Line Pin Point 2.0 Z3 SC 2.2″/3.0″

Pro-Line Pin Point 2.0 Z3 SC 2.2"/3.0"

Pro-Line Pin Point 2.0 Z3 SC 2.2″/3.0″

The Pro-Line Pin Point 2.0 Z3, are available through most major stores…

The Schumacher Racing “Mini Pin”, we are currently working on a deal with a GREAT friend of the Club, and founding member, Scotty Guyatt, on a buy deal through the club. It will be a bundle deal, as the Schumacher tyres COME FOAMLESS.

If you would like a set of the Schumacher tyres through the club, PLEASE PLACE EXPRESION OF INTREST IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

We will be placing an order within the next couple of weeks, as soon as a price point for a combo deal is struck. By no means do you have to order through the club.
Keep and eye out, we will post a Club buy price when it is available to us.


To date the life for these pin tyres has been good, for a dedicated tyre type, they have held up rather well. But like all tyres, they will wear, and as of last meet the wear is now noticeably visible on the current set I’ve been testing.
Tyre choice is always a difficult balance between wear/cost/grip. One tyre type might suit you better then another type.
These have offered good grip and wear. Remember, grip and wear will differ from one person to the next, from one truck to another.



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