Racing this Friday

That’s Right, it’s time for more track time this Friday with racing resuming after a successful practice session on the weekend.

Doors open at the normal time of 6:30 pm with racing starting at 7 pm.

Remember while we do have the heaters now, it is cold out there so rug up.  We also do ask that you don’t change the settings that the heaters have been set to.  We also don’t want them broken and having a return to cold hands all night long! While on the subject of warm, would anybody be interested in the Committee adding Tea, Coffee and Milo along with a small urn to the canteen wares?

Also I would like to remind everybody that parking is on the Quercus Park side of the shed, not the access road side.  There are only 3 people that have an exception to this, Greenie because he is the last to leave, Greeny because of the canteen stock, and one other racer that has been given access for mobility reasons.

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