A great meeting last Friday

I just wanted to congratulate everybody on what was an, at times, interrupted race meet last Friday night.

As most of you know, we upgraded to the latest version of Alycat, the software that manages our race nights.  The result was a few configuration issues now and then, but what appears to me a much more stable platform for racing into the future.  I know that it resulted in a very late night but thankyou for your patience as Greenie wrangled with the new settings and configuration.

It was also fantastic to see so many entries from so many different people, and a fantastically warm atmosphere for the night, and no I wasn’t strictly referring to the new gas heaters. In coming weeks the committee is working on some additional overhead lighting for the track to improve the level of brightness, and hopefully the drivers stand will have a lift kit installed before the Launceston Cup in October.

Yes, the results will be coming out later this afternoon, but until then, here are some videos from Justin Strickland of a couple of races from Friday night.

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