June the 13th…WE RACE!!!

After a lovely long weekend, are you ready to race!?!?!?!!?

I AM!!!

We will once again throw open the doors to the track, and fire up the lights…. AND HEATERS!!!!!!!

That’s right, its not a typo!!! The committee had decided that enough is enough, and we needed to throw some warmth your way. So now the pits are the proud owner of two bouncing patio heaters.

Please note that they are NOT to be touch, MOVED or played with in any manner…


SO! Doors open at 6pm

Racing starts at 7pm(pending the mood of the laptop!!)

It will be another non points round this week, as I want to make sure the program(now up-to-date) behaves.

See you all there!!!


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  1. Since its a non-point round I might come along with Stock Buggy before Work!!

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