RACING!!! THIS Friday!! More info below…

Sorry for the delay, approval for racing THIS FRIDAY came through this morning.

So we ARE racing THIS Friday!!!

Due to Agfest coming, and the move out, booked in for next weekend, next weeks race meet has been brought forward. We’ve done this to make sure everyone is fresh and ready to help next Saturday with the big move out. 


doors open at 6pm racing to start at 7pm


Next weekend as all ready stated, we need to move out of the shed in order for Agfest.

We’ll be starting early, 9am, so we have a full day to remove our stuff, and make sure the shed is spick and span, as per our lease agreement with Rural Youth. All the help we can get IS required. there is a fair bit of kit to move. We’ll be storing it on sight again like last time meaning he move itself isn’t too bad, we just need to pack it up, strap it down and trailer it up the back of the site.

So of the members will be putting some extra time in, making the Drivers stand TOW-ABLE, makine life all that easier, and a big shout out will come for these fine members.

With jumps to be pulled apart and packed, the wall ride to be dismantled(Don’t worry!!! it will be rebuilt bigger and better), carpet, and all the odds and sods, there is PLENTY to be done.

All members are requested to make the time and effort to help out. The last “move in” had a VERY poor turn out, adding unneeded extra work and strain on the committee, so please make the effort to help your club out!!


See you all for another rip roaring round at Launceston RC Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



sorry for the delay again for round results and finally points series upload. In between packing to move house, and leaving the laptop at the track, its been super hectic!!! will do my best to resolve ASAP.





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  1. I got called into work early so i’ll try to make it for working bee or the meeting!! Cheers

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