Friday night….WE RACE!!!

Good morning everyone!!

As the cold weather creeps upon us, we say, “Meh, its race time, and I’m GOING!”.

THATS RIGHT! FRIDAY NIGHT IS RACE NIGHT!! We’ll throw the doors open, hit the lights, and let the rubber burn once again! With the Summer points series finished, we are now in the lead up to Agfest, leaving us two rounds to test and tune cars, lay some laps, and get that extra track time under the belt.

Due to a hectic schedule, I do apologise for the delay in posting the last rounds results, and the final update for the points series. I will complete both tonight, and will get them posted tomorrow for everyone to see.


SO! A non-points round this Friday, it will be a normal race meet, two qualifiers, two finals, doors open at 6pm, racing to start at 7pm.

This is a great opportunity to run that second rig you’ve been thinking of racing, be it 2wd, 4wd/Mod, Stadium Truck, or even that new SCT. Grab your kit, mates, and better bring a jacket, the fun starts at 6pm!!!!


See you all there!!!!!!



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  1. Im working on Friday night but i’ll be out for some Laps in my new 22 (Stock) Buggy!!

  2. ian scott says:

    i might get out there for a run

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