FRIDAY, Practice and track rearrange, Truck show


Friday night will again be an open practice night this week, with a half track night, and the other half will be to rearrange the track in preparations for the Deloraine Truck Show been held this weekend.

So, we’ll need as many hands as possible to help move the track around, as we’ll be using the back half of the shed for a demonstration day AT the Truck Show.

Richard has the information on that, an I’ll let him post about that.


SO!! Friday night, Doors open at 6pm, probable a little earlier. Come and give the committee members a hand to move the track, and also to enjoy some track time. As much help WILL be appreciated  


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  1. I’ll be out again before work to give you a helping hand!!
    P.s Ive got some Lego Truck Models and I might bring my own extra table to display them on for Sundays Demo Day?

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