Practice this Friday the 7th

I know, this wasn’t a scheduled date, but as next weeks meet will be truncated because of the track relocation for the Truck Show, we thought we would try and sneak in a practice session.  That and the committee forgot that last Friday should have been a practice round, but we are only human!

This is a tentative notice about the practice session because we are yet to hear if it has been given the ok from Rural Youth, but as soon as we know for sure we will post up.  The usual doors open and starting times apply.  Not sure if I will be there with the canteen or not yet, but otherwise, let’s get out there and have some track time, tweak your setup, and generally have a great time!

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2 Responses to Practice this Friday the 7th

  1. Greenie says:

    WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!

    Again, sorry to everyone, was a slip up in getting the dates sorted for this year
    we ALL missed the fact that it should have been a practice round last week
    meh, oh well!!!

  2. Ive done some work on my 22 Trucks so i’ll be out for some testing before work!!

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