Next Race meet and Tasmanian Truck Show Demo

Ok, so our next scheduled race meet is the 14th of February, this is now no longer going to be a series points round.  The committee were informed the other day that we would have to be out of the shed for the Tasmanian Truck Show on Sunday the 16th of February, and would therefore have to be out by the 14th so that they could set up for the show as they use the pavilion as both food and display space.

After discussing the matter with the Truck Show organisers they have kindly let us use 1.2 of the shed to use, not for storage, but as a running display for the Truck show.  This is a good opportunity to highlight our sport to another group of people, as well as support their fantastic event.

The plan for the day is to run a smaller track as well as a space to display vehicles, and have brochures about the club available for people to take (yes Greenie, I am working on them).  So we need a few things from you the members of the club.  Come along to racing on the 14th, while it will not be a full nights racing, we will need the manpower to move our track and equipment (including drivers stand and wall ride) to the side of the shed that we will be using.  We also need drivers and cars to come along and run and display cars on the day.  We will display all types of RC vehicles but will only be running electric cars (Anybody got any tamiya trucks?) .

If you have any questions, post up here, on facebook or ask a committee member! So come along to the event, check out the trucks on show, and help promote our club.

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