Racing Friday night!! Points Series update….


We’re up and racing this Friday night!!!

Pack your batteries, tools and don’t forget your Rigs!!! We’ll be hitting the track for another action packed night at Launceston R/C home track!!

As always,

doors open at 6pm,

racing to start at 7pm,

Canteen will be open throughout the night, catering to your sugar needs(there’s water there too)

Its all about time on the track, and with the slow addition of more carpet going in, the track is getting slowly fully covered, and slowly the lap times drop!!!!

So come old racers, come new racers!!! We’ll see you at the track!!!!!!!!!

TO THE POINTS!!!!!!!!!

All in all I do believe this is all correct, IF NOT, let us know and will, hunt through the results to figure it out!

So, with 4 0f 7 rounds completed, worst round will start to drop after this round…..



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7 Responses to Racing Friday night!! Points Series update….

  1. Ive raced every round for 8th Scale/Stadium Truck Class, I recall coming around 3rd for the latest round!! Thanks Acko

  2. Leo Lorenzen says:

    Can you look into my 2wd SC points for last meet, was there but got 0 points?

  3. Jarrod says:

    I think 10th buggy last meet is a bit wrong too..

  4. Greenie says:

    yeh, spend a couple of hours on puter last night trying to rectify it all, as it is totally messed up.

    Will have to do it all manually on the weekend if I get time.
    Sorry about this Peeps…..

  5. Harry is in twice under short course?

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