2014 Dates, Results and More!

Again, welcome to 2014 Racing!

2014 Racing Dates
I have placed a tentative calendar of dates for 2014 racing up on the website this afternoon for everybody to pen into their calendars.  Of note, there is no Easter break as it is while we are away from racing during Agfest.  The bump out working bee and bump in working bee dates have also been set to allow us to get in and out in a timely manner in accordance with our agreement with Rural Youth. If anybody finds any problems or mistakes in the calendar, please let me know ASAP.

Yes, we still have 9 transponders available.  I will remember to bring them to racing this week, otherwise you can get them from me at work at the Launceston Digital Hub in the Centreway Arcade (you can’t miss me, I am the only one in a room with 3 walls and a glass window!).   $95 each, and please bring correct change 🙂

It seems the Greens were a little slack, so the results of the last couple of race meets can be found at the usual spot http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/

Driving Standards
There has been some discussion around driving standards over the last couple of race meets, and while we pride ourselves at Launceston RC on being a fun based club, rough driving benefits nobody, and it certainly is not fun when it happens to you. We are asking all drivers to refresh themselves with the Ethics of RC Racing.  If there is further problems we will contemplate running a meeting where every instance of rough driving (Hacking), track cutting or bad language on the stand is penalised with a 1 lap penalty.  This is not an extreme that we want to have to go to, and it is within the race directors powers to penalise drivers already, we just choose not to for the most part.

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