2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championships

The points are in and, finally, added up.  Each of the Launceston, Goodwood and Latrobe Cups rounds points counted towards the 2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championships and today the results for the classes, and overall winner are in.  We will only show the top 10 in each class, full results are available here 2013 State Drivers Championship Points – Total

2wd Stock Buggy

Andrew Mackenzie LRC 56
Joe Browning GOMCC 55
Marcel Jeni GOMCC 47
Tim Parsons NWRCCC 39
Richard Skinner GOMCC 33
Danny Tatnell LRC 30
Damien Betts LRC 29
Phil Reibel GOMCC 19
Adam Beresford LRC 18
Derek Beresford LRC 17

2wd Modified Buggy

Ben Hoare GOMCC 58
Jessie Hilder GOMCC 52
Adam Beresford LRC 51
Sam Wells LRC 40
Steve Madziara LRC 35
Leo Lorenzen NWRCCC 29
Justin Strickland NWRCCC 18
Alex John 16
Mark Rayner NWRCCC 15

8th Scale Electric

Steve Madziara LRC 40
Adam Beresford LRC 35
Chris Madziara LRC 34
Phil Reibel GOMCC 34
Justin King GOMCC 29
Danny Tatnell LRC 22
Drew Butcher 19
Jarrod Painting LRC 17
Joe Browning 16
James Atkinson LRC 14

4wd Modified Buggy

Justin Strickland NWRCCC 57
Mark Rayner NWRCCC 51
Damien Betts LRC 47
Jessie Hilder GOMCC 46
Leo Lorenzen NWRCCC 41
Tim Parsons NWRCCC 38
Ben Hoare GOMCC 32
Sam Wells LRC 20
Alex John 19
Jarrod Painting LRC 16

Short Course Stock

Justin Strickland NWRCCC 59
Adam Beresford LRC 54
Andrew Mackenzie LRC 53
Mark Rayner NWRCCC 51
James Atkinson LRC 33
Richard Skinner GOMCC 32
Justin King GOMCC 31
Leo Lorenzen NWRCCC 27
Matt Hodgetts 20
Danny Tatnell LRC 19

Stadium Truck

Ben Hoare GOMCC 59
Phil Reibel GOMCC 56
Jarrod Painting LRC 53
Jessie Hilder GOMCC 34
Justin King GOMCC 32
Joe Browning GOMCC 27
Sam Wells LRC 20
Patrick Hume LRC 16
Andrew Mackenzie LRC 15
Marcel Jenni GOMCC 15

Overall State Drivers Series Champion

Adam Beresford LRC 158
Ben Hoare GOMCC 149
Justin Strickland NWRCCC 134
Jessie Hilder GOMCC 132
Andrew Mackenzie LRC 124
Joe Browning GOMCC 123
Justin King GOMCC 117
Mark Rayner NWRCCC 117
Jarrod Painting LRC 116
Leo Lorenzen NWRCCC 112

For those interested in the finer points, points were awarded at 20 points for a class win, down to 1 point for 2oth place. For the overall, those points were simply added together naturally giving more points to those that went to more events, and entered more classes, however we fell it was only fair to reward those that put the time and effort in to do so.

Congratulations to everybody named here.  It was a huge achievement to reach the top 10 in any class.

We hope that no mistakes have been made, however if any have been then please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible.

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