Christmas BBQ 2013

Yes the Christmas BBQ is on again this year so come one, come all and have a fun time at our end of your function being organised this year by Matthew and Jade Chandler (Thanks lads!).

When: 14th of December 2013 (This Saturday)
Where: Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion, Quercus Park (Our normal race venue)
What Time: 11:00 untill 2:00pm, with the BBQ firing up at 11:30

What will there be to do?
Track will be open for practice, the Green brothers will be running a rally circuit outside, we may have a few races depending on numbers, like an under 8 race, a reverse race etc etc.  We will probably run longest jump etc outside as well.

Yes, there will be snags, onion, bread and sauce provided by the club. If you want something extra then bring it yourself to throw on the BBQ.  The canteen of course will be running as well.

Well this will be much the same as normal, but as we want to run the rally track just outside the doors where the Crawlers were for the Launceston Cup, can people refrain from parking in that area please.

What RC vehicles to bring?
Well bring your race cars, rally stage will be open to all, but there will be a rally class, 2wd SC class amd whatever else turns up as well probably!  Got a flyer? bring it too!  There is a lake somewhere, but I don’t believe that we have access to it, sorry to those with boats.  Crawlers, well there isn’t a lot of terrain about, but they are welcome as well!!  Maybe have a run on the rally track?

Hopefully we see a lot of you out there for an afternoon of fun.

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  1. Ive got my Lego Meeting at 1:30pm so I might be there at the Start of the day to test the Blitz since ive made some set-up changes from last weekends Latrobe Cup!!

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