Racing this Friday Night

Another night of non points racing and I want to encourage everybody to bring out a different vehicle off the shelf and give it a run! Have some fun, race something different, tune up another rig, or decide what you want to race in the next series.  I know that my new rally car will make an appearance on the track this Friday!

We’ll be doing our best to fit in all classes that turn up, but please be understanding that time restraints might affect what classes we can run, and some classes might/will be combined in order to have everyone run.

New to RC Racing?? Want to give it a go?? Come on out for a look, or bring your rig and have a go!!! We run a Novice class at every meet, and we encourage new drivers YOUNG AND OLDER, to come on out for a go! We will run through the basics, of racing, marshalling and so on, and give you as much help as we can. We are a family friendly club, and love to see new faces trying out our sport!

SO!!! As always,

  •  Doors open at 6:00PM(about then)
  • Track open for uncontrolled practice at 6:10PM
  • Drivers brief at 6:50PM
  • Racing at 7PM

Entry fees

  • $10 for Members
  • $5 for second class
  • Non-members $15
  • New racers are $10 for the first 3 times, then $15 there after
  • Transponder Hire $5

The Canteen will be up and running as usual, with soft drinks, chips, and lollies.

Another reminder about the Hobbies, Models and Collectables expo this Saturday.  Doors open at 19:00 am so we want to be setting up at about 8:30 so come along, help set up the track and display, and have a great day.  we are there to display your vehicles, show the public what they can do (please be sensible on the track) and promote the club to those at the event (so electric vehicles please).   Parking is in the paddock beside Aurora (the old cycling track for those who remember it) and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there with all of your vehicles!



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  1. Does that include Micro Cars (Rc18T2) Greeny?? My 22T isn’t going yet so my Blitz SCT will be out for a fun run!!

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