2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championship Points

The first round of the EP Off Road Drivers Championchip was the Tiger Models Launceston Cup run at Launceston RC.  Belated as I have been, here are the results from the first round of the Championship, with Round 2 at the Goodwood Cup fast approaching!  I will post the first 3 places in each class, the full list will be available as a excel spreadsheet at the bottom.

2wd Stock Buggy

  1. Andrew MacKenzie
  2. Tim Parsons
  3. Adam Beresford

2wd Mod Buggy

  1. Ben Hoare
  2. Steve Madziara
  3. Justin Strickland

4wd Stock Buggy

  1. Ben Hoare
  2. Patrick Hume
  3. Calvin James

4wd Mod Buggy

  1. Sam Wells
  2. Tim Parsons
  3. Mark Rayner

Short Course Stock

  1. Justin Strickland
  2. Adam Beresford
  3. Andrew Mackenzie

Stadium Truck

  1. Ben Hoare
  2. Phil Reibel
  3. Jarrod Painting


  1. Calvin James
  2. Jacob Cox
  3. Tylar Jenni

2013 Drivers Points

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6 Responses to 2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championship Points

  1. Justin Strickland says:

    Is there a reason why I have been excluded from the 2wd Mod results?

  2. jarrod says:

    2wd Mod could be a bit wrong.

  3. Justin, a very good reason, as far as I can tell, they are the 2wd Mod results from last year, or one class from last year at least. My most sincere apologies, correcting that now!

  4. stricko37 says:

    No worries Richard! 🙂

  5. ian says:

    What happened to the 1/8 Richard

  6. I don’t think that any consensus was reached amongst the club committees about 8th scale, especially as I think goodwood were not running the 8th scale class at their meet

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