Racing this Friday the 27th!

Get those cobwebs dusted off your chargers and get your batteries ready to go, it’s race time!

Yes racing is on this Friday the 27th at Quercus park on the fantastic Launceston Cup layout.  The canteen will be back in action as well, however the BBQ will not be back i’m afraid!

So bring out your Short Course Trucks, Buggies and Stadium Trucks and let’s race!

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2 Responses to Racing this Friday the 27th!

  1. Got my night off as usual from work and i’ll be out in my normal Cars Blitz Sct & 8th Scale!!

  2. Greenie says:

    final points will be put up on the start of next week.
    sorry for the delay, had a fair bit on, and must admit, it did slip my mine.

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