The count down has started……

With the count down on for the Launceston Cup, in our new venue, here is some more information from Race Control….



A reminder that there is no parking behind the shed during this event. all parking will be in the paddock to the side of the shed.

The main door at the rear of the shed is for DROP OFF ONLY. Pull up, unload your car, park said car. Please try to do this as quick as possible. This also applies to the practice night.

For new comers and visitors, a sign will be placed on Oaks Road at the entry that the club uses(it is only about waist high and placed on the left hand side of the road at the entrance).


Please also note, this is a Private site. The driveway might be long, but please keep your speed down to 40km/h and lower. We are NOT the only people to be using the site over this weekend, and safety is paramount.

Noncompliance, may lead to removal from the site, and fines. This is not our site and is privately owned, meaning the owners reserves all rights.

The “drop off zone” is walking pace ONLY.

Friday night practice

Practice will be held Friday night, for ALL classes this weekend.

Doors will be opened at 5pm(no earlier) for 6pm start. There will be a brief drivers meeting prior, but we will keep it short, as to not eat into track time.

Practice will be semi controlled, held by class type, 2WD buggy, 4WD Buggy, SCT, 4X4 SCT, 1/18th scale, Stadium Truck and Junior.

Computer will be running in practice mode, so you will be able to hear your times.

Each round will be 10min track time, with drivers out to marshal the next class RIGHT after.

This will continue throughout the evening till 8:50pm, where the track will be closed, to be straightened, clean, and fixed if needed, ready for racing on Saturday.

Shed doors WILL be closed and LOCKED right on 9:30pm regardless, with gates shortly after.

As this is a new track, we will also be using this time to sort out marshaling positions. There are cones already down, but until there are numbers on the track, it was very hard to sort out exactly where to put them!!!!

Race Days!(Saturday and Sundays)

Doors will be opened bang on 7:30 for setup, and track opened at 8am for 10min per class(will be split for mod and stock) practice

At 8:45, the track will be closed by race control, and Drivers brief and Concours will be held(both days). Racing to start right after.

Each race day, grid listings , groups and classes will be on the drivers stand, near the ramp. Drivers MUST check group, and grid number, and place grid number on the left hand side, and on the windscreen(left hand side of windscreen is preferred if possible)


This is up to each driver. If wrong, right down the correct number, and bring it up to race control for correction.

If EFT was not done at time of entering, race fees are payable at race control at this point.

Marshaling and Code of Conduct has all ready been touched on in the previous web page post. But I can assure you all, Penalties will be ENFORCED and applied to offenders.

(We wish this not to happen, as it is all in the aim of fun, so keep your cool, any issues, please bring them up with the committee members and Race Control. It is a family friendly event, and we wish to keep it that way. The main aim is fun…)

After your race..

After ever race, complete the lap, and pull up on the GREEN ASTRO TURF.

Leave the drivers stand only AFTER all cars are finished. Its a courtesy to the drivers that are still racing. Leave the drivers stand and collect your car. Switch off everything and place on the tables provided at the side of the track, and head straight out to marshal.

It is at this point inspections to cars will be done, NO vehicle is to be removed off the table till the ok is given by the committee member in charge.

IF your vehicle is damaged or in need of repair, it is up to YOU to find a replacement marshal. Failure to comply WILL result in penalties.


Bracknell Primary School will be operating a food stall on Saturday and Sunday providing Egg and Bacon Burgers for Breakfast.  For lunch they will be selling gluten free sausages and Savaloys, as well as Hamburgers and Soup. Bracknell Primary will be running the stall as a fundraiser for the Grade 5/6 Melbourne Trip, so please support them and buy food from them on the day. Tea and Coffee will also be available here.

Launceston RC will be running a canteen as per normal race nights with Drinks, Chips and Lollies. If you can help man this stall, please let Richard know.

Under no circumstance are alcoholic drinks to be brought on-site

And FINALLY, something completely different!!!!!!!

Heres a sneak peek of the new layout from the drivers stand!!!!


Yeah cool ay!!!!

So, we’ll keep the information coming over the next couple of days leading up!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there for an AWESOME weekend of racing!!!!


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