Cup Update – 3 weeks to go!

With only 3 weeks until the cup, it really is time to start getting organised.  There are no more regular race meets at Launceston RC before the Cup, and only 1 practice on the Friday the 13th.  Will it be lucky or unlucky for you all with the new track layout!

We really need to confirm entry numbers for classes and the number of Heats for each Class there will be as some classes are teetering on needing 2 heats, others are almost filling 2 heats.  We also need to let Bracknell Primary School know numbers so that they get enough food for us to eat.  Remember they will be doing egg and bacon rolls for breakfast, and Hamburgers, Sausages, Saveloys, Soup and Hot Drinks for lunch.

Entries have reached 67 with Short Course Truck taking the lead of most entries with 16, over Open 4wd Buggy with 10 entries and 2wd Stock Buggy with 9 entries.

Keep those entries coming, and remember to share this with your friends to get as many entries, and spectators there on this big weekend of racing!

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