Results from 23 August Racing

For once, a more timely post of last night’s racing results.  It was a good night with 38 vehicles taking to the track!

The highlight of the night was some extremely close racing in a very diverse 8th scale class, featuring a Buggy, Truggy, 4×4 Short Course Truck and an electric LST2 Monster Truck.

So with no further ado, the results! (and as usual, full results can be found at )

2wd Stock Buggy

  1. Tim Parsons
  2. Adam Beresford
  3. Andrew Mackenzie
  4. Mark Rayner
  5. Chris Madziara
  6. Derek Beresford
  7. Matthew Chandler
  8. Damien Betts


  1. Sam Betts
  2. Tim Kulhanek
  3. Harry Heathcote

Short Course A

  1. Justin Strickland
  2. Andrew MacKenzie
  3. Adam Beresford
  4. Jarrod Painting
  5. Chris Madziara
  6. Leo Lorenzen
  7. Brady Anthes
  8. Mark Rayner

Short Course B

  1. Calvin James
  2. James Atkinson
  3. Matthew Chandler
  4. Mark Porteus
  5. Richard Green
  6. Phillip Ferguson
  7. Joel Toon
  8. Ian Scott
  9. Derek Beresford

4wd Buggy Open

  1. Tim Parsons
  2. Jarrod Painting
  3. Sam Wells
  4. Justin Strickland
  5. Damien Betts
  6. Mark Porteus

8th Big Bangers

  1. Leo Lorenzen
  2. Andrew Green
  3. Ian Scott
  4. James Atkinson
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1 Response to Results from 23 August Racing

  1. ian says:

    Good fun night with the 1/8 bangers racing all shapes and sizes looking forward to the cup.
    Had a minor glitch witj dtripping a gear on the steering servo in heat 2 and final the screws coming out from the steering servo mounting but got back on track with minute or so left.

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