Cup entry, rule and raffle update

A mini cup update this afternoon!

Entries as of this morning have topped 55 entries, with many familiar faces still not putting in their entries.  Many classes are already getting close to capacity, so if you are entering, do it soon so that you make the cut, or, if there are enough entries, add another race for that class!

There has been a little confusion surrounding what a Stock class is precisely! We have stock classes in both 2wd, and 4wd Buggy. Stock Buggy class have to meet certain physical requirements including size and weight.  Motors must be of 17.5 turns or greater and from the approved list.  ESC’s likewise must come from the approved list.  For stock classes, there must be no timing or boost functions enabled on the ESC. Whilst there are specifications for tyres that are allowed, in Stock and Mod Buggy classes we are not limiting which tyres you can use.

Short Course Truck, and Stadium truck are both 10.5 turn or greater classes, although as I mentioned before, Launceston RC had specific tyre and body limitations which are detailed HERE.

The definitions, and rules, for these classes come straight form AARCMCC’s rules, which can be found here for those interested.  A paper copy of these rules will be available for reading on the day.

We received another box from our sponsors today, this time a box of goodies from Proline including 1 stadium truck body, 2 buggy bodies and 5 sets of tyres.  Details of most of the prizes are the Launceston Cup information page, but so far we are over $500 of prizes.  One of these items will be selected for the prize for the concourse though!

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