Race report for Friday 26 July, 2013

Apologies for the late posting of the results.  Round 4 of the winter series provided another action packed night of racing. It was great to see a couple of Hobart boys, thanks to Justin King and Joe Browning for making the trip.

We now look forward to round 5 which will be on Friday, August 9.

Full results can be found at http://www.mackz.me/lrc/results/20130726/IndexFile.html

1. Sam Betts (TQ)
2. Shaun Atkins
3. Joel Toon
DNS Justin Harwood
DNS Tim Kulhanek

8th Scale
1. Steve Madziara (TQ)
2. Joe Browning
3. Justin King
4. James Atkinson
5. Ian Scott
6. Danny Tatnell

10th Buggy Stock A
1. Justin Strickland (TQ)
2. Tim Parsons
3. Adam Beresford
4. Andrew MacKenzie
5. Alex John
6. Jarrod Painting
7. Jade Chandler
8. Derek Beresford

10th Buggy Stock B
1. Leo Lorenzen
2. Joe Browning
3. Matthew Chandler
4. Chris Madziara
5. Danny Tatnell
DNS Philip Ferguson

10th 4wd Buggy Open
1. Mark Rayner
2. Tim Parsons
3. Sam Wells (TQ)
4. Jarrod Painting
DNS Damien Betts

Short Course A
1. Justin Strickland (TQ)
2. Mark Rayner
3. Andrew MacKenzie
4. Adam Beresford
5. Jade Chandler
6. Matthew Chandler

Short Course B
1. Justin King
2. Brady Anthes
3. Leo Lorenzen
4. Chris Madziara
5. Calvin James
6. James Atkinson

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