Brrrrr!!! its cold, but not too cold to RACE!!!!!


Once again, we’ll brave the cold, throw on some lights, and fire up the computer!!!

Racing is on this Friday night the 12th, with all the normal classes, for round three of the winter points series!

Pack a jumper, pack a blanket….where did I leave my gloves…. its going to be cold, but the action on the track will be as hot as ever!!!

Doors open at 6pm, racing at 7pm.

So, charge them batteries, and come on out!! Seasoned racer or a first timer, come on out!! Plenty of action to be had at Launceston R/C!!!!!!


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6 Responses to Brrrrr!!! its cold, but not too cold to RACE!!!!!

  1. Im working again at 10:30pm so im not sure if i’ll be out this week!!

  2. twk13 says:

    Hi I will be coming out for a look again, eventually I want to run one of my 1/10 4wd buggies when parts turn up for them, but I am gaining interest in SCT and am wondering if you can run any chassis provided its in the within the guidelines for weight/dimension/motor/esc?

    • Greenie says:

      Yep, pretty much! as long as the motor, esc, 2wd, and tyres fit within the rules.
      some of the guys out there are running new setups which include mid mounting motors.
      What brand SCT you thinking of running????

  3. Has to be a Body covering the wheels as well, not open wheeler, but that probably goes without saying!

  4. twk13 says:

    Thanks Richard,
    Not sure yet, there are a few options out there (Turnigy etc). Something cheap and cheerful!

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