Race report for Friday 28 June, 2013

We had a great night on Friday night with solid numbers, and a lot of new faces which is great to see!  On race 2 of the winter points series and we have 51 entries across the classes vying for positions so needless to say the racing was close!

The results as usual are up at http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/ .


  1. Steve Madziara (8th Scale Big Banger)
  2. Tom West
  3. Sam Bettz
  4. Ian Griffin
  5. Ben Deavin
  6. Shaun Atkins
  7. Joel Toon

10th Buggy Stock A

  1. Justin Strickland
  2. Tim Parsons
  3. Andrew Mackenzie
  4. Adam Beresford
  5. Jade Chandler
  6. Chris Madziara

10th Buggy Stock B

  1. Mark Rayner
  2. Derek Beresford
  3. Leo Lorenzen
  4. Matthew Chandler
  5. Danny Tatnell
  6. Phillip Ferguson

10th 4wd Buggy Open

  1. Alex John
  2. Tim Parsons
  3. Jarrod Painting
  4. Damien Betts

Short Course A

  1. Justin Strickland
  2. Adam Beresford
  3. Andrew Mackenzie
  4. Alex John
  5. Jade Chandler
  6. Matthew Chandler
  7. Leo Lorenzen
  8. Mark Rayner

Short Course B

  1. Calvin James
  2. Jarrod Painting
  3. Tom West
  4. Richard Green
  5. Danny Tatnell
  6. Chris Madziara
  7. Ian Griffin
  8. Brady Anthes
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3 Responses to Race report for Friday 28 June, 2013

  1. Justin Strickland says:

    Cheers guys, good to see the timing up nice and quick! Here are a couple of videos from “Hat Cam” from 2wd Stock and SC. Both of my car because the hat was on my head!


    • Greenie says:

      yeah sweet!!! thanks for posting up!!!!!

      If anyone has vids of the track they want to share, feel free to post up the links

  2. Andrew Mack says:

    Had a good night with buggy and truck with some close racing. Wasn’t a happy camper at the end of the first stock buggy qualifier though as I stripped a servo horn. Big thanks to Danny who had a spare which got me up and running again 🙂

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