Friday night….RACE NIGHT!!!!

And a chilly GOOD MORNING to all!!!!

Thats right!!! Its come around quickly, pack your gear!!!!!!! RACING THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!

This will be the second round of the Winter points series!!!!!

But fear not to the new drivers, or people wanting to come out for a go, you can come and join in the fun still!!!!

As always,

doors open at 6pm

racing starts at 7pm.

Please not, this week the track will be closed at 6:45pm prior to the start of racing, in order to make sure everyone is entered into the computer, and the computer behaves itself,  and to try and fire up the racing bang on 7pm. We ran quite late last meet, and are going to do our our best to finish on time.

With the HUGE increase of Stock and Mod buggies of late, at check in please let us know what buggy class you are in, so we can split, once again, the buggy classes.

Local drivers, PLEASE NOTE!!! This is a horrible thing to have to ask, but please be prepared, IF YOU ARE RUNNING MULTIPLE CLASSES, we are running tight for room, so PLEASE choose your preferred class, JUST in case, we need to trim the field. I know it is a horrible thing to have to ask of you, but please understand

1) the distance some of our racing friends have driven in order to join us for the night

2) time restraints and the pressure on the race committee to make it fair for all, and fit everyone in their respective classes.

Its no easy task, and we truly appreciate your understanding of this.

SO!!! as soon as Macca arrives at the track, and is ready, please follow him across the pits, to the race control,and sign in!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone for another round at the track!!!

If you’re new, or want to come out for a look, please do!!!! And if you would like any information, hit us up at race control, all the way over the other side of the track from the entrance!!

Come for a look, talk to some of the friendly racers, and see what we’re all about!!! Its a family sport, and we ENCOURAGE the little ones to join in the fun!!


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  1. Im working (10:30pm) again this Friday so i’ll be out long as I can probally just take the Vorza/Durango 4WD SCT out this time!!

  2. Leo Lorenzen says:

    Keen to try repeat/improve my performance from last meet.

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