Racing Friday, and ABC Radio Thursday Morning

Just another reminder about racing this Friday night, and a heads up to bring your small change because there will be a small canteen being run by the partners of some committee members on behalf of the committee.  There will be chips, soft drink and some sweets.

For those of you that are early risers, Richard and Andrew Green will be talking with Belinda King on ABC Northern Tasmania’s Breakfast show after 7:10 am tomorrow morning (Thursday) about the resumption of racing at Launceston RC.  You can dial in on your FM radio to 91.7 or listen online via the ABC website here

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3 Responses to Racing Friday, and ABC Radio Thursday Morning

  1. Greenie says:

    he he he!!!! at least there’s no photos involved with this one!!!!!! LOL!!! i’m happy about that!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Did I mention that some of their studios have a webcam?

  3. ian says:

    Greenie lurking in the back ground upto no good .

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