Code of Behaviour / Ethics

On our recent break one of the things that the committee worked on was a code of Behaviour / Ethics for everybody visiting our venue.  The below is a result of that work.  There isn’t anything in here that we would not already expect from people, it is just putting it down in writing.

Launceston R/C Code of Behaviour / Ethics

Launceston RC Inc is an organisation that embraces people from all parts of society, however anybody visiting Launceston RC Inc is entitled to feel safe and secure at all times.  For this reason Launceston RC has always been a Family Friendly environment, as well as an alcohol free venue. Members of Launceston RC must set a good example for other members of the club, as well as visiting members of the public, and behave in a way that demonstrates the highest ethical standards of conduct.

Launceston RC Inc does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour or language. As a Club Member or member of the public, you have the basic rights and obligations to participate in club activities free of discrimination and harassment.  By following this code of Behaviour / Ethics we want to ensure a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for everyone who visits the club.

  • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • make decisions that are fair for everyone—this is about making sure everyone is given a fair go and has the same opportunity to share their ideas and join in activities
  • recognise, avoid and report unacceptable behaviour like, harassment and bullying, discrimination, swearing, threats, violence or unsafe
  • be accountable for your actions and decisions. Be responsible for your actions and do not blame others or make excuses for your behaviour
  • Respect members of the Launceston RC Inc Committee and obey their directions that relate to you

What is unacceptable behaviour?

Unacceptable behaviour is behaviour that can hurt someone either physically or emotionally including: unwelcome and offensive behaviour, bullying, bad language, harassment, discrimination, abusing power, or taking advantage of, or threatening someone. It can make the environment very unpleasant and sometimes unsafe. Behaviour that seems okay to one person may actually hurt or offend someone else. Anything that constitutes a breech of the Law will be referred to the Police.

If you experience unacceptable behaviour, you need to let someone from the committee know as soon as possible so that the behaviour doesn’t happen again and so you can be helped. You don’t deserve to be hurt.

What happens if the Code of Behaviour / Ethics is not followed?

If there is a breach of the Code of Behaviour / Ethics, action will be taken to ensure that those people affected by the breach are safe. Action will then be taken to stop the breach from happening again including:

  • In the first instance a warning will be issued
  • If a second warning is issued on the same matter, a person will be banned from the venue for 1 month
  • If a third warning is issued on the same matter the member will be asked not to return to Launceston RC Inc.
  • If a breech is serious enough, the Committee will take appropriate action in line with the seriousness of the breech, including contacting the police in criminal matters.
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4 Responses to Code of Behaviour / Ethics

  1. Greenie says:

    This is IMPORTANT guys. We expected everyone to be following this to the letter please.
    As we’re working really hard to get new members, visitors and spectators to come and see what we’re all about, we REALLY need EVERYONE on their best behaviour.

  2. johnny says:

    totally agree with the the above provided there is extensive investigation into claims being bought forward . discrimination is something a club dose not want to deal with …..

  3. Any issue that is raised with the committee is always investigated, and acted upon as fully as we are able to. This document lays out what is and is not acceptable, something we did not have in writing before.

  4. ian says:

    Dont be afraid to come and see one off us if you have any issues with another driver

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