Track Working Bee 18th May 2013, THIS weekend!!

Good afternoon everyone!!!!

Just a friendly reminder to all, the working be to construct the new track is THIS Saturday!!!!!

We’ll be starting at 10am, so everyone can have a little sleep in, but then it will be full on from then!!! Rural Youth will be out there to assist again with the fork lift, which again will make the move much easier!!!

SO!! love to see as many out there to give us a hand to move the track back in, and to lay down the new layout!!!

Drill’s, screw drivers, screws, saws, hammers, Muscle power, a bit of lunch, water to drink, and anything else you can think of, please bring with you!! there’s a fair bit to do, and many hands do it quicker!!!!!!!!

10 am, Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion, Quercus Park 18th May, LETS DO IT!!!!!!

See you all there with a smile on the dial!!!!


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4 Responses to Track Working Bee 18th May 2013, THIS weekend!!

  1. Ben says:

    Will be there to help with this one. Unfortunately wont be able to use it for 2 months due to Friday night racing but you guys can warm it up!!

  2. Paddy says:

    I shall be there this time. Building the all new unique obstacle, that will be both fun and challenging!! What could it be??? 😉

  3. I slept in from work!! Sorry that I couldn’t make it just another average night at the office!!

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