Racing results for 11th of April

To start with, A big thankyou to those that were able to make it out to the working bee today.  We got everything out in preperation for Agfest.

Next, racing results from thursday!

10th Buggy A

  1. Jarrod Painting
  2. Sam Wells
  3. Adam Beresford
  4. Derek Beresford
  5. Andrew MacKenzie
  6. Chris Madziara
  7. Jade Chandler
  8. Leo Lorenzen
  9. Chloe Beresford
  10. Patrick Hume

10th Buggy B

  1. Danny Tatnell
  2. Phillip Ferguson
  3. Calvin James

Short Course Truck A

  1. Adam Beresford
  2. Andrew MacKenzie
  3. Calvin James
  4. Jade Chandler
  5. Chloe Bereford
  6. Richard Green
  7. Matthew Chandler
  8. Chris Madziara
  9. Derek Beresford
  10. Jarrod Painting

Short Course Truck B

  1. Danny Tatnell
  2. Leo Lorenzen
  3. Tom West

No laps for: Andrew Green, Kellie Viney, Shaun Whatley, Harry Healthclte

8th Big Bangers

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Ben Wilson
  3. Ian Scott
  4. John Silzak

Congratulations to everybody for racing in what was difficult and slippery conditions.  When we return from the Agfest break we will have more carpet and turf on the track, as well as the return of the wall ramp.  We will be sending out a “We Have Moved and We Are Racing Again” out to everybody by email so that you can pass it on to any friends, family or acquaintances who may be interested in racing, or coming along to see what we do.

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3 Responses to Racing results for 11th of April

  1. Greenie says:

    A big thanks the the West boys, Tom, Chris and Andrew, Greeny, Ian and Phil, for braving the weather and helping with the move. Couldnt have done it woth out you!!!
    Looking forward to and bigger and better track!!!!
    Got my thinking cap on and sorting out the grip levels, track lay out…new obsticals?????

  2. ian says:

    WE will let all know in plenty of time in advance for move back in the shed

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