All about the new venue at Quercus Park

I thought I would post up some information about our new venue at Quercus Park for those that have not been out there yet.  It is a large 30x43m shed called the Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion, and up until now, was most commonly used as the food hall for Agfest each year.

Site Plan

We access the site via South Road which is normally an access road to the site, not one of the main entrances. There is no drinking water on site and Toilet Block 3 that we will be using is about a 150m walk to the east of our shed.  Parking is on the Northern side of the shed, but please do not park over the roller doors as they are the emergency exits.  The committee also asks that the spots nearest the roller doors be left for those with disabilities.

Unfortunatey there is not a cafe on site, the nearest food and fuel being Carrick about 5 minutes down the road.  The committee has considered operating a small canteen with chips and soft drinks, but we can discuss that further at the next committee meting. Water we will bring a supply of when the launceston cup is on and other such events.

Whilst lighting is not currently ideal, we are working woth rural youth to improve what we have, or indeed get overhead lighting in, which would be a medium term goal for us to improve the facility.Outside of the shed  Shed 2

The Track looking back to race control


Panorama of the track from the drivers stand.

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  1. derek beresford says:

    love it!well done guys cant wait for thursday,hope we see a few old faces there too!

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