Race results from 21 March 2013

Well our first race meet for almost four months has been run and won at the new Quercus Park track.  We do want people’s feedback on the new location and things that we may be able to do to improve it.  We know lighting is an issue but we will address that as soon as possible.  We have one more race meet before we have to pull down for Agfest, so make sure we get everybody back for that race meet, but we will also need hands at the working bee to clear out all of the equipment the weekend after.

Now for the results that you are all waiting for! Hopefully we will be able to put up full meet breakdown in the near future.


  1. Jacob Cox
  2. Chloe Beresford
  3. Kellie Viney
  4. Harry Heathclte

10th Buggy

  1. Patrick Hume
  2. Chris Madziara
  3. Derek Beresford
  4. Jade Chandler
  5. Jarrod Painting

8th Buggy

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Adam Beresford
  3. Ben Wilson
  4. James Atkinson
  5. John Silczac

Short Course A

  1. Adam Beresford
  2. Sam Wells
  3. Chris Madziara
  4. Derek Beresford
  5. Jade Chandler
  6. Brett Baylis
  7. Mathew Chandler
  8. Calvin James
  9. Andrew Green
  10. Jarrod Painting

Short Course B

  1. Andrew Eberhart
  2. Shaun Whatley
  3. Richard Green
  4. Danny Tatnell
  5. James Atkinson
  6. Ian Scott
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11 Responses to Race results from 21 March 2013

  1. Leo Lorenzen says:

    Disappointed that I had to miss the first meet at the new venue

  2. I DNF’d in the 8th Scales so how come i got 4th place??? I had a good night out enjoying the drifting the Vorza and Blitz!!

  3. ian says:

    The track was challenging but once the the grip starting to take up.It will be good once the wall ride is in place. The numbers were good for the first race of the new venue.
    Wally from latrobe has asked could we get a saturday race after agfest.
    Looking forward to next race

    • derek beresford says:

      souinds good,would be good to race saturdays,that way we dont have to worry about lighting has much,and it would be the best day to encourage more juniors to race.

  4. Not sure about an extra saturday race, most likely the focus after agfest will be rebuilding the track, rebuilding number of racers and organising the Launceston Cup.

  5. Leo Lorenzen says:

    Will there be a race meet this week? Just wanting to confirm because it’s listed in the ‘2013 Dates’ section

  6. ian says:

    Leo racing is next thursday

  7. Yes, the dates I messed up with, last weeks race was supposed to be this week, but I messed up the race notification, and I was keen to get in and race. The next race is indeed the 11th of April

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