Time to RACE, Race meet 21 March 2013

You heard it first right here, top up your batteries, dust off your RC cars from deep storage and come on out to our new venue at Quercus Park. We have a race meet this Thursday as well as on the 11th of April before we have to be out of the shed for Agfest.  As such we have a track in place, but not with the full range of obstacles as yet because of the short time before the track will have to be pulled down again.

Normal times apply, doors open at 6pm, racing at 7pm!!

All the usual off-road classes will be running and we can hopefully work out any bugs in the venue before racing restarts after Agfest.  So let your racing mates know, that Racing at Launceston RC is Back on!



(please note, parking at the REAR of shed)


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3 Responses to Time to RACE, Race meet 21 March 2013

  1. Greenie says:

    WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    grip levels are LOW at the moment on the track, so bring your steering fingers and get ready to get sideways!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looking great, thanks for the pic!

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