The Big Move is locked in and happening this Sunday

Yes, you heard right, we are set to move and restart racing for 2013 finally.

This Sunday the 17th of March we will begin at 11:30 am out at Quercus park cleaning up the shed, planning the track and unloading what equipment that we already have.

From there we will have access to Rutherglen at 2:00 pm where our borrowed truck, as well as whatever vans and trailers we can rustle up will meet at that time.  The priority will be to get everything out of Rutherglen, then load up outside in the car park, so please park with this in mind, and not around the roller door.

Hopefully next Thursday can be our next week of racing!

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2 Responses to The Big Move is locked in and happening this Sunday

  1. Chris murray says:

    Sorry guys will have to get back to you not sure what time the kids come home from there ban and pops on sunday so ill let you guys know

  2. scottg says:

    That’s great news guys, so delighted to hear the move is on and racing can recommence. Long live Launceston R/C!

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