Quercus Park Move in Sight – Save the Date

This post is a bit of a news update, and save the date all rolled in to one.

Sunday, March the 17th,  all things coming together, will be the date that we will be moving the track from Rutherglen Holiday Village, to Quercus park to allow racing to restart.

If the plan comes off, we will be able to race 2 meets, the 28th of March, and the 11th of April before we have to be out for Agfest.

We have secured a reasonable sized truck for the move, but we are awaiting confirmation from the Rutherglen liquidator that we can access the site this Sunday.  What we will need on the day is manpower, and our time at Rutherglen will be limited so we will need everybody to listen to and follow instructions closely.

So keep the day open in your calendar, and watch this space!

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15 Responses to Quercus Park Move in Sight – Save the Date

  1. Greenie says:

    We’ll be needing a few trailers/ute’s as well as man power of course, a bit there to move across still. my van will all ready be full with the club gear thats stored at my place…..

  2. We have secured the services of a large truck as well, but I still have not heard back form the Liquidator.

  3. ian says:

    im there

    • Jade chandler says:

      Awesome news Well done !!!!!!!! Able to help can u keep us posted on times and things :):)

  4. Ok, it looks like the move is not on this Sunday after all as the local agent can not let us in to Rutherglen. Watch this space for more definite news. We still hope to have the gear that we have in this weekend for a race on a more basic track this coming Thursday.

  5. Nope, another change of plans, it is Definitely Sunday now. Rutherglen will be open at 2:00, watch this space for the complete plan soon!

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