Quercus Park News – But no News…

I have heard from the Property committee that their meeting had to be delayed a week until the 3rd of march.  It is a disappointing setback as I, as well as most all of you, want to hear back from them so that we can get back to racing, but for the time being we are in a “Hurry up and Wait”situation.  Hopefully next week will bring some more concrete good news.

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  1. Ive been doing some racing at the other club tracks!! Still going well in the Blitz Short Course Truck with back to back podiums at Goodwood and Latrobes Racing!!!

    Im heading to Hobart On-Road this weekend for a run!! See ya’s around!! Acko

  2. ian says:

    what are they doing time we get in be time to move out.Was there any options to go with.As i said before do they really want use in there????????

  3. I believe that they do want us there, but having to deal with a committee can be a disadvantage at times, especially if it’s members are busy. Mind you, I would have thought they would have regular meetings with Agfest coming up, but hten remember this is not the Agfest Committee, but the Property Committee of Rural Youth Tasmania, a Statewide organisation.

    To date, I have not found any viable options in Launceston, and as most people are well aware, I have sunk a good ammount of time in to looking for a venue.

  4. AJ says:

    Wasn’t there a possible outdoor venue at Riverside or St. Leonards?

  5. We were talking with west tamar council about a venue at riverside, but it was an indoor venue that would require us to pull the track down every week,not ideal as you loose racing time, and certainly do not have as good a track. THe West Tamar and Launceston Council Facilities/Recreation officers were working together to find us a venue, however they both came up with nothing.

    St Lenoards was suggested behind the BMX track, but that space is overflow carparking for major events at the complex. The complex already has Hockey, Athletics, BMX, Croquet and bridge groups on a weekly basis. The overflow carpark certainly gets use regularly when larger events, or multiple events, are on. Also, a number of local bashers use the area, and homes have now been built closer to it, and we do not want to find ourselves in the situation that NWRCCC had at Don.

  6. Ben says:

    Wild sugestion here… I do think Agfest site is a much better option but was the empty huge blue shed adjacent to Amax site looked into at all?

  7. ian says:

    Ben weres Amax???????

  8. Amax Engineering Rocherlea? I thought the b;ue building was part of that. Rebardless, any kind of shed in that area will be for sale or for lease at a rate far beyond what we can afford without a millionare benefactor. I was not aware any of the buildings along that road were empty anyway.

  9. Rocket says:

    The Amax building has been very empty and unused for some years .. Even if it is up for rent/lease for some out of reach $$ figure, perhaps the owners might let it go for a reasonable figure for the club as a temporary option to get things moving until they find a permanent tenant ? surely they would be better off getting some $$ for their investment rather than have it sitting there for years empty costing them money ??

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