Launceston RC Racing Update

As you may be aware we had a committee meeting last night to work through a few issues, and so we decided that an pdate for the members would be in order!

Due to other commitments and work loads Patrick Hume has resigned as President of Launceston RC, creating a casual vacancy in the committee.  As per our constitution Ian Scott has stepped in to fill that vacancy until the AGM later in the year when a new President will be elected.

With regards to restarting of racing, we are awaiting the final paperwork from Ruray Youth to sign and formalise our agreement to use their large shed at Quercus Park.  We have also provided them with a copy of our insurance.  Plans are underway for the multi surface layout that we will have at this new venue.

There are 2 factors stopping an immediate start to racing at the shed. One is access to the Drivers Stand, and other track equipment still at Rutherglen.  We are waiting to hear back from the liquidators as to when we can get access to the building.  We hope that this day will be a working bee to move from rutherglen, and clean and setup at Quercus Park so keep your eyes on the website for those dates. The 2nd factor is that the Girl Guides are currently using the Quercus Park site for their International Jamboree, so until their Rental of the site is complete, we can not move in.

We ave also been invited to run a demonstration on Australia day, but I will write a seperate post about that.

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