Launceston RC has a new home for 2013

The committee last night visited a proposed new location for racing in 2013 to see if it was suitable and discuss a number of issues with the owners of the property.

While the official paperwork has not ben signed, it seems that all is in order for a return to racing in mid to late January for Launceston RC.

Whilst the location is about 5 minutes further from town, it has it’s advantages (like no possums).  The large 50 x 30m shed at Quercus park will be our new home for racing.  We will have to disassemble the track for Agfest each year, so we will have a working bee to get this done each year. There is occasionally other events at the site where we eill have to do the same.  But the shed is weather proof, the toilets aren’t too far away, the floor is a polished concrete like you find in most garages, there is parking, and plenty of space.

We will still have to get access to ruterglen to remove what items remain there, and the Girl Guides are using Quercus park for the first couple of weeks of January. For those that do not know the shed, it is the one where most of the food is normally for Agfest.  Below are a couple of photos to show you what it looks like.

Shed interior Outside of the shed

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10 Responses to Launceston RC has a new home for 2013

  1. Ben says:

    Seriously well done guys!!! That looks perfect!

  2. Scott Guyatt says:

    Boys I am so excited for you. I will be keeping an eye out for flights for next year’s Launnie Cup at the new venue. Awesome job!

  3. dezzar12 says:

    alright,fantastic guys.

  4. bart says:

    looks good for on road racing

  5. bart says:

    if can have racing on weekends there would be no excuse to get rid of on road and be plenty of room for bigger and better track for both. but then damage has already been done to the on road guys and doubt many would be back

  6. kellie Viney says:

    any news on whats happening anyone?

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