2012 Launceston RC Christmas BBQ


As we said earlier this year, the date is December 15th, a Saturday, at the park at the Tailrace. A large open area with room for a basic track to bash on. We will set up a drag strip, driver vs driver!!!! Pick a duel, and see who’s the fastest!!!- BIGGEST JUMP contest!!!! Come on, get some hang time and see who can jump the furthest (only if there are not too many others in the park)!!!- play ground for the little ones It will be a B.Y.O function, BBQ there, we’ll probable bring a second BBQ for extra room.

Greenie will be there around 11.30 to secure the BBQ there, and to so call, set up, for a fun day of bashing.

So let’s get out in the sun and have some fun with our RC cars.  Bring your monster trucks, Crawlers, buggies, stadium trucks, short course trucks and buggies, helicopters, boats.  Bring them all!!

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8 Responses to 2012 Launceston RC Christmas BBQ

  1. dezzar12 says:

    Ho Ho Ho!

  2. Vorza, Scorpion & one of my helicopters will be out, if i can get anything else going it will be out!!

  3. Greenie says:

    will hopefully have both boats floating for this, get some speed runs in if all go to plan!!!

  4. Chris murray says:

    Hey guys won’t be able to make it getting sick of this weekend work crap but hey cent say no to cad this time of year, anyways look forward to seeing you all in the new year and wish you all a safe a happy Christmas and new year

  5. kellie Viney says:

    is the xmas bbq still on???

  6. It looks like the rain is clearing, so at this stage yes. But if it pours again, we might delay until january.

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