Don’t Forget!!!! Redstar Hobbies NWRCCC Cup THIS WEEKEND!!!!

The Redstar Hobbies NWRCCC Cup – Tasmanian Interclub Series Round 2 this on this weekend!!!!

The Peeps up at NWRCCC have been busy getting everything prepared for what should be an action packed event. Registration for the event has now closed and have 78 cars registered to hit the track on the 8th of December, THIS SATURDAY!!

Going to be an ACTION packed event, and hope that heaps of the Launceston crowd can make it, and show our support to the guys and gal’s up there, AND to keep Launceston RC on top of the points of course!!! So pack your gear, charge those batteries, and fuel up your nitros, and lets all hit the clay!!!!!!

For more information, head over HERE!!

With Launceston RC currently without a track, I believe that this will be the LAST major race meet for this year, and one of the last club meets around Tassy for 2012. We’ll see you all there!!!!!!!

Don’t for get the Launceston RC Christmas BBQ next weekend at the Tailrace!!!!!! We’ll have full information later on for everyone!!


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  1. All packed ready to go for my Classes: 2wd Short Course Truck & 8th EP Bugyy / Truggy!!

  2. dezzar12 says:

    Go launceston rc racers!

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