Rutherglen closed – Launceston R/C Suspended

We have some difficult news for our club this morning with the closure of Rutherglen Holiday Resort.  The company has gone into receivership.

While we are still working hard to figure out the situation, what it means in the short term is that our race venue is closed, and at least for the moment most of our gear is locked up in the venue while the receivers do their work.  The race meeting scheduled for next week is cancelled.  Please let your friends know.

What we need to do is to be ready at short notice to get all of our track equipment out and stored. If you can help with removal, transport and/or storage please leave a  comment here or contact Paddy or Greenie.

Then we’ll need to go to work to find a new venue and figure out next steps for Launceston R/C. We’ll announce a club meeting as soon as we are able to give more information and make some plans.

In the meantime, keep loving R/C. Join with some mates and car pool to race at Latrobe or in Hobart, and don’t forget the NWRCC Cup in a couple of weeks.  We will keep publishing news and updates here in the next few days and weeks.

And remember we have gone from zero to a successful club in just a couple of years, and we have done that by being committed, creative and willing to work hard. We will do the same again.

Sorry to bear bad news. All offers of help, assistance and advice gladly received.


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7 Responses to Rutherglen closed – Launceston R/C Suspended

  1. Ben says:

    I do have access to a small truck if the timing is right. Would be at a cost but minimal.

    Is our gear at risk at all or are we just waiting for the all clear to go get it?

    As for new venue it could be our opportunity to come closer to town… Old coats patons building comes to mind… Would have to be some un used space there surely….

    • scottg says:

      Gear should be right, but we might have only a small window to remove it. Waiting for more information at this stage. Club exec have been in contact with liquidators and they know we have property on site. Future of the property is unclear.

      • scottg says:

        Greenie has extracted a lot of our gear last night. All the big stuff (track markings, carpet, drivers stand etc) is still there, but everything small (and expensive!) Is now in our hands.

        When we get access to remove the big gear we’ll let everybody know.

    • Ben says:

      Awesome!, that’s a great start.

      Any leads on new venue as yet?… I guess it may even be possible to stay at rutherglen under new ownership….
      Impatient and overkeen….. Just don’t want to see it end!!

      • Greenie says:

        don’t panic Ben!!! we might be out, but WE ARE NOT DOWN!!!!!!!
        still hunting around flat out for a new home. as for staying there under new management, well, that will all depend if and when the property gets sold, and if the new owners would like us there. I dont foresee the property being sold in a hurry tho….

  2. Damien says:

    happy to help if I can at the time 0421318755 have a ute to load up

  3. Zander and glenn says:

    Zander and Glenn more than happy to help at very short notice. We have a ute and a trailer. Call anytime 0402135449.

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