Racing this Thursday 22/11/2012

Charge up those batteries (actually I had better do mine) and pac up your radio gear.  Racing is on again this week.

Doors should open at 6:30, but as Greenie won’t be there we may not be up and running right at 6:30.  Racing starts at 7:00 so be on time to catch the drivers briefing at 6:50.
Bring your friends, grab something to eat at the Cafe, and have a great night’s racing!

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10 Responses to Racing this Thursday 22/11/2012

  1. I’ll be ther in my usuall cars!!

  2. ian says:

    Greeny could you put up a heading for scottsdale Shie so i can do a report on it Thanks

  3. ian scott says:

    be running the tourer hoping it will stay together and if the is room will run the bllitz.The short course 4×4 got a broken suspension arm after the show

  4. Chris murray says:

    Sorry guys I won’t be able to race the missus has to work

  5. Ben says:

    In need of some 7.4v lipos, definitely to lend, possibly to buy if available… If you have anything that may be able to assist me please bring it along..


    • Leo Lorenzen says:

      I have a couple that I could sell/lend you, you’ll probably need to charge them though. Turnigy 5300mah.

  6. dezzar12 says:

    any race results from thursday Richard?

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