Race Report: Scottsdale Show

Well another Scottsdale show has been run and won.The numbers were good but could have been better. Good numbers of tourers, short course trucks and low numbers for junior,tenth,big bangers and nitro tourer. The surface was a little slippery and tricky but made for some fun racing.

Read on for the full story from race director Ian Scott…
Tourers was a good number of 6 with Andrew Mackenzie on the rear bumper of Rodney Houghton all day but unable to keep up with him with Graham Viney 3rd.

6th Scott Kopriva                17
5th Ian Scott                      25
4th Kellie viney                   27
3rd Graham Viney              32
2nd Andrew Mckenzie        37
1st Rodney  Houghton (TQ)40

Nitro tourer had 3 attendent but Ian Scott breaking his conrod .With only Andrew Eberhardt and Graham Viney there was still close racing between them ending in a draw at the end of racing with Graham taking it out with top qualifying position

3rd Ian Scott DNS              0
2nd Andrew Eberhardt      38
1st Graham Viney (TQ)      38

Short Course Trucks with a good field of 11 meaning two heats and both A and B finals. In the A final Rodney Houghton kept his speed up with top quailifing with Adam Beresford and Calvin James on his heals.

6th Derek Beresford            22
5th Andrew Green              25
4th Shaun Whatley            26
3rd Calvin James               35
2nd Adam Beresford          35
1st Rodney Houghton (TQ) 39

Short Course B was still close racing with James Atkinson keeping his good form up with Ian Scott and Andrew Eberhardt behind him.

5th Mark Jones               19
4th  Danny Tatnell         31
3rd Ian Scott                   32
2nd Andrew Eberhardt 34
1st James Atkinson (TQ) 40

Tenth Buggy had just three starters with Patrick Hume(TQ) on the pace of Calvin James and James Atkinson having fun in 3rd

3rd James Atkinson          32
2nd Patrick Hume             38
1st Calvin James               39

8th big bangers had 4 in the field with Rodney Houghton to good for Graham Viney in a nitro buggy with Danny Tatnell and Scott Kopriva rounding the field.

4th Scott Kopriva               15
3rd Danny Tatnell               23
2nd Graham Viney             36
1st Rodney Houghton (TQ)  40

Junior with 3 Junior the racing was close all day

3rd Kris Jones                      32
2nd Chloe Beresford             36
1st Calvin James (TQ)          40

Finally I’d like to thank everyone that turned up, Greenie for has computer work and Rodney for his help through the day and with the track design and build.



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