Roll up, Roll up! Everyone’s a winner!! Scottsdale Show.

The Scottsdale Show.

16-17, November. THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a GREAT casual event, giving us an AWESOME opportunity to show case our hobby to the general public. With a track spanning across 3 tennis courts, this high grip track, will offer high speed cornering, awesome acceleration, and some seriously close racing!

Spanning over Friday night(UNDER LIGHTS BABY!!!!), and all day Saturday, an event not to be missed!!! Catering for all classes, as per below, it is well worth the trip for sure.

The track is completely flat, made from markers, completely custom built to the whims of however Rocket is feeling on Friday, and always offers a great, fast technical track to run on.

If you’ve never been before, man, get along!!This is an AWESOME event!!!!

Classes –

  • Super Stock electric tourers 13.5t
  • Stock electric tourers 17.5t ,21.5
  • Nitro tourers
  • Mini
  • 1/10th short course trucks
  • 1/10th short course trucks 4×4
  • 1/10th electric off road buggies
  • 1/8th Electric off road nitro Buggies and Truggies
  • juniors

For full race formate, head across to the Scottsdale Show page HERE

Parking is located off site, I believe near the School, I’ll post up a link to a map shortly so you know where to park, a short walk to the back gate, which will be locked, BUT will be unlocked to let entry in to the track, one of the team has a key.

Still plenty of spots left in all classes, come on down. If you cant make Friday night, no worries!!! Come down on Saturday for a race, see Ian, Rocket or Greenie, and we’ll sort you out.

Pits span the length of the track and then some, portable drivers stand will be there, PLENTY of food and drink on offer, WELL BE AT A SHOW!!!!

So pop on down, have a race, and grab your favourite Show Bag at the same time!!! Never to old for Show Bags


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11 Responses to Roll up, Roll up! Everyone’s a winner!! Scottsdale Show.

  1. Both 2wd SCTs are ready & still deciding on a 2nd car: Mini, Sakura (If last lot of parts arrive in time) or Vorza!! L8r Acko

  2. ian says:

    Will post upto sage list tonight. Computer crashed

  3. Greenie says:

    man, i’m looking forward to a Dagwood dog!!!!!!!!! …… wonder how many i can eat over a weekend…….. =0P

  4. ian scott says:

    paddy there are atleast 4 1/10 so far.Sorry i cant get in the nwrccc to adjust the list but numbers are looking up

  5. ian scott says:

    Shaun Whatley f/s
    Andrew Eberhardt f/s
    danny tatnell
    Zander Wade s
    James Atkinson f/s
    Adam Beresford
    Derek beresford
    Rocket f/s?

    Ian scott f/s
    Adam Beresford

    1/10 STOCK TOURER(17.5-21.5t)
    Kellie Viney f/s
    James Atkinson f/s
    Liegh Jenkins s
    Graig s
    Graham Viney f/s
    Ian Scott f/s
    Rocket f/s ?


    Andrew Eberhardt f/s
    Liegh Jenkins s
    Graig s
    Graham Viney
    Ian Scott

    James atkinson
    mathew chandler
    scott kopova s
    1/10 BUGGY
    Calvin James
    Mathew chandler
    Graham Viney
    Ian Scott
    Danny Tatnell
    Mathew Chandler

    Mark Jones s
    Kris Jones s
    Chloe Beresford
    Calvin James

  6. dezzar12 says:

    been able to run 3 classes wont leave many marshalls,so dont

  7. Rocket says:

    Awesome Race meet , very enjoyable and layed back .. looking forward to next year 🙂

    Greenie , any chance of grabbing the results or getting them posted on the forum when you get a chance , when I get a spare hour I will do up a race report 🙂

    • ian scott says:

      rocket ive got the results will put up tommorro night once greenie has done his little bit on the website

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