Results from last week.

I’ll keep it simple, not very good at writing up an amazing report like Scotty G!!!

So places for the night as follows, full timed results to be posted shortly in a link below.


Pos Name
1st Jacob Cox (TQ)
2nd Chloe Beresford
3rd Chris West
4th Mark Jones
5th Andrew West


Pos Name
1st Jade Chandler (TQ)
2nd Matthew Chandler
3rd James Atkinson
4th Graham Viney
5th Kellie Viney
6th Tom West
7th Danny Tatnell
DNS Ian Scott

Short Course A

Pos Name
1st Sam Wells
2nd Adam Beresford
3rd Andrew Green
4th Rodney Houghton (TQ)
5th Calvin James
6th Damien Betts
7th Chris Madziara
8th Shaun Whatley
9th Jade Chandler
10th Leo Lorenzen

Short Course B

Pos Name
1st James Atkinson
2nd Derek Beresford
3rd Richard Green
4th Tom West
5th Danny Tatnell
DNS Brett Baylis

8th Big Bangers

Pos Name
1st Rodney Houghton
2nd Adam Beresford
3rd Ben Wilson
4th Brett Baylis
5th Steve Madziara (TQ)
6th Ian Scott
DNS John Silczak

Tenth Buggy

Pos Name
1st Jarrod Painting
2nd Damien Betts (TQ)
3rd Patrick Hume
4th Andrew MacKenzie
5th Chris Madziara
6th Leo Lorenzen
7th Matthew Chandler
8th Calvin James


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5 Responses to Results from last week.

  1. Rocket says:

    Was a great night ,, had some speed in the Blitz and TQ was unexpected in such a great and strong field , unfortunately I should have checked my transmitter battery which was low causing random glitching from the first corner 😦 That’s racing though 🙂 .. Has certainly closed up the field going into the final round , the outright win is well and truly up for grabs making it a nerve wracking , nail biting final meeting , who ever blinks first in such a competitive field of drivers will be left wondering where they all went 😉

    • Greenie says:

      Too right Rocket!! the A final had some AMAZING talent last week! Must say, I’m a little disappointed that i couldnt be at the pointy end of the points this season! Been some bumper racing going on in SCT, but after dropping out each round due to numbers, for the last 3 months, kinda hard to catch up with so much talent!!!! LOL!!!

      • Rocket says:

        Your not wrong Greenie , the pace has lifted at the front this series with SC class. So hard to snatch a win these days , need everything running perfect and some luck on your side to be in with a sniff now 🙂

      • jarrod says:

        Cant find the link for any results from last 3 rounds.. Are they up yet?

  2. Had a average start to the night in the Blitz then i made it up in the Final!! Mini was on fire with a faultless run!!

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