Lots to do!!!!!


We are down to the pointy end of the year now, with lots of fun to go before we say good by to 2012!

Also, please find at the bottom of this post, the last two club rounds’ laps and times. They will be posted shortly, after I’ve sent the information on to Richard. Sorry for the delay again guys and girls

First off, the next lot of calendar events in order:

The Scottsdale Show.

16-17, November.

This is a GREAT casual event, giving us an AWESOME opportunity to show case our hobby to the general public. With a track spanning across 2 or 3(?) tennis courts, this high grip track, will offer high speed cornering, awesome acceleration, and close racing!

If you’ve never been before, man, get along for this AWESOME event!!!!

Classes –

  • Super Stock electric tourers 13.5t
  • Stock electric tourers 17.5t ,21.5
  • Nitro tourers
  • Mini
  • 1/10th short course trucks
  • 1/10th short course trucks 4×4
  • 1/10th electric off road buggies
  • 1/8th Electric off road nitro Buggies and Truggies
  • juniors

For full race formate, head across to the Scottsdale Show page HERE

See Ian Scott or Rocket at the next club meet for more information. This event is just a round the corner!


(I’ll have 1 or 2 spare seats, and travelling to and fro both days if you want to come but need a lift, let me know)



NEO+ Latrobe Cup

24-25, November

With a HUGE offroad 8th scale track, Latrobe has to have one of the finest clay tracks around this country. Offering fast, action packed sections, and some WICKED air time, the track is a sight to behold, with a full grid of screaming Nitro’s, belting around at top speed.

Get your 8th scale fix!!!

Classes –

  • IC Buggy
  • IC Truggy
  • EP Buggy

Get around there for a look!!! AWESOME time to be had!!!!!


Last but not least!!


Tas Inter-Club Series

8th, December

With the continuation of the NEW Tasmanian Inter Club Serries, Latrobe is holding the second round, The Red Star NWRCCC Cup!! Three clubs, battling for the glory of the FIRST EVER INTER CLUB CHAMPIONS, its going to be on, like Donky Kong!!!!!!!!!!

Offering classes for all, they Guys and Girls up there, have cleverly got the track sorted to suit even the 10th scale racers. Using a clever cut out, the 10th scale, runs a shorter track, missing some of the 8th scale size jumps, as not to destroy the little buggers, but with out detraction from the 10th scale track. Very well done!!

Classes –

  • IC Buggy
  • IC Truggy
  • EP Buggy & Truggy
  • Stock 2wd SCT
  • Open SCT
  • 10th 2wd Stock 17.5t
  • 10th Open

With racers from all over the state ready to compete for their club…… LETS GET IT ON LAUNCESTON R/C!!! Lets show them that we are happy to get our cars dirty, and continue on from the clubs win from that Launceston Cup!!



Last 2 club rounds laps and times can be found under here, when posted……….


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6 Responses to Lots to do!!!!!

  1. scottg says:

    And best wishes to Sam Wells and Alex John heading over to Victoria for the 2012 Vic Champs this weekend (anybody else going…or just those two?). Have a good one lads!

  2. ian scott says:

    Thanks Greenie yes get those entry forms to me on thursday its your last chance

  3. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    A full class of 15 short course trucks on the Latrobe track…… Awesome 🙂

  4. scottg says:

    And not forgetting all the Tassie guys and gals heading over to the Sth Aus Champs for GP Off-Road. Alanna and Matt Hodgetts, Wally Sturzaker, Chris Strickland, Justin Strickland, Mark Rayner, Tim Parsons. Best of luck team!

  5. ian scott says:

    So weres all the 1/10 buggy drivers for scottsdale

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