Touring Car Vote and Christmas Lunch

As you are aware a vote was taken over the last couple of race meets, to decide if we would  continue to run tourers at Rutherglen in 2013 or run more off road classes. The result of  the vote was a close margin, but in the end the vote went the way of no longer running touring cars after 2012. It will be sad to no longer see the flat track speedsters at Rutherglen, but it allows us to run Short Course C, and/or split 10th scale buggies when we need to. With the growing numbers in both these classes, as seen in the last couple of meets, the time restraints for the meets means either limiting entries, or shortening race times. Now with an open spot, this will elevate some of this issue, but by no means all of it, as numbers are still growing, we’ll have to adapt as we go to fit everyone into their preferred classes.

Practice at Launceston R/C

We are in the process of negotiations with Rutherglen, to have the track opened up for practice during the Bistros opening hours, which will hopefully relieve a bit of the want for track time during meets. But please note, the TRACK IS CLOSED apart from designated race meets until further notice.Practice will be a sign in event with payment to Rutherglen BEFORE entry to the track. Full information, rules and regulations on this will be released as soon as talks with Rutherglen are concluded.


We’ve set a rough date to hold a Christmas Lunch for the club. At this point, the date is December 15th, a Saturday, at the park at the Tailrace. A large open area with room for a basic track to bash on. We will set up a drag strip, driver vs driver!!!! Pick a duel, and see who’s the fastest!!!- BIGGEST JUMP contest!!!! Come on, get some hang time and see who can jump the furthest (only if there are not too many others in the park)!!!- play ground for the little ones It will be a B.Y.O function, BBQ there, we’ll probable bring a second BBQ for extra room. More information the closer we get.

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  1. Chris murray says:

    Sounds good guys look forward to a good day 🙂

  2. genenewell says:

    this is to all of the people that voted to get rid of the touring /mini class there . i was totally disgusted and i know that most if not all of the guys and gal that run at the club in touring /mini was as well for me the club has lost its way and needs to be brought back to fun all in club not get rid of a class that some of us totally love and don’t have off rad cars and now have to travel 2 hours to Hobart to race instead of just doing it at OUR local track.

    • dezzar12 says:

      no fun having 4 min heats and 7 min finals because of two many classes,and with the club growing what 3 min heats,6 min finals!and i voted yes even though i have touring cars,and we wonder why Tassie is so far behind,gotta move on to the future Gene,so dont go shameing us!

  3. kellie Viney says:


  4. Rocket says:


  5. Indeed it is sad to see the Touring Cars discontinued at our regular race meets.

    Gene, in response to your message. The committee discussed the issue at length examining ways to alleviate the problems of more and more people wanting to race on our regular race nights. Everything from running every week through to racing touring cars on weekends at another venue were discussed, but none were viable options or lacked the manpower to execute them. The other pressure is that we ned another 10th buggy and another short course race many nights, and we have only discontinued one class. 8th scale has also come under close scruitiny for numbers in the past 12 months.

    The voting slip was given to all financial members of Launceston RC for the vote with the issue at hand clearly laid out. As to not being fun, we are always about fun, but if your race is only 3-4 miutes long, or you are limited to just one class per night, the time on track, and therefore fun, is severly diminished. Something had to give.

    We have not shut the door on touring cars, it was the first class to give with regularly lower numbers than other classes. Especially with the increasing interest in 10th scale off road vehicles. We will be endeavouring to organise regular car pools to race in hobart to help those travel to hobart as ofen as possible to help bolster racing numbers at that club as well who I understand is having lower than desirable numbers showing up to race.

    If you have ideas as to how to “Bring Back the fun” or bring us back into line in the time constraints we have, we would love to hear about it, but at a committee meeting or by email is the correct way to do it.

  6. genenewell says:

    i take what your saying but when it comes down to it if onroads go you get the make the track exclusive off roand and onroad will NEVER get bakc ok YEt 1/8th has always has even smaller number than onroad /minis have yet onroads get dumped first again you are killing people off like kellie viney how just has a onroad car only and i know shes pissed alot . plus people like james who just went and brought a new onroad car to race at rutherglen now cant use but in hobart for once just admit as i know that for a while now alot of the top brass wanted just off raod and if it was not for a few to stop that then it would have happened ages ago . thats fact.

    • Chris murray says:

      At the end of the day gene it is all about moving the club forward and if that means that a class has to be dropped for this to happen then so be it!!!

      • dezzar12 says:

        yes the onroad track wasnt suited to on road cars,too much damage,roll on a even better off road track.

    • dezzar12 says:

      ohwell Gene at least u can race at wang bangalang

  7. ian scott says:

    All i can say is not happy with losing the on-road cars and the people that was running them had no problems with the track including some of the hobart guys. So whats done is done and hope we dont go down hill from here just because of what has happened

  8. Rocket says:

    oh well , might have to bring my tourer out for one last run out there 😦

  9. bart says:

    well there goes me coming back again. was looking to come back out but oh well.
    and gene i did hear over a year ago that someone that was high up in the club was trying to get rid of them.

  10. Ben says:

    Always going to be disappointing to see a class dropped. All points are valid… Cant say im not keen to see what the track committee can create with all off road classes though!

    Maybe anyone racing “Tourer only” Every race meet for last 3 months should get free 24 month membership to help retain members and contribute to purchase of off road vehicle….

    I know that would make me happy if it was 8th that had been removed…

  11. bart says:

    good to see some peoples comments aren’t approved yet and been about 4 days.
    goes to show don’t care about getting some of the old founding members back that have needed time away for personal reasons.

  12. bart says:

    just other people had comments approved in other thread day after mine was posted.

    • scottg says:

      That’s the way the website security system works. Once one comment is approved for given email address, all subsequent comments auto approved. Your first comment had to be manually approved. There was no favoritism. Your future comments should automatically post.

  13. Katrina says:

    Well you can say goodbye to a few members for not having tourers.

  14. Sam wells says:

    Alright people, we always knew it would upset the apple cart so we tried to do it in the most democratic and fair way possible ie members vote. Now yes we make it no secret that some us Aren’t keen on touring cars running there. If the “hierarchy” as you say wanted them stopped we would have just made a decision at the commitee meeting 12 months ago as alleged….

    I personally take offense to the verbal attacks on the commitee members over this subject. It simply comes down to numbers boys and girls. We can’t sustain running all these classes on the Thursday nights, while still keeping within our scheduled time as rutherglen stays open late for our convenience when we race as it is.

    Unfortunaly Tourers are the orange amongst the lemons so to speak so in a democracy like we have the majority has final say.

    A lot of you, I’m sure don’t realize how good a club and commitee we have. We are more than willing to help find replacement location to run tourers as I personally still enjoy the class. But we have to much going on with running the rutherglen side of things to try an organize it. If there are members of the club that would like to arrange they will have our full support and hey, we’ll prob come along and run anyway.

    Now don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure that nearly all people that have a tourer also have a off road vehicle, so there’s no reason why we should lose members.

    If everyone is so passionate about on road then why was it voted against????? And if your so keen to run then come up to us and put forward your ideas so we can help, don’t just leave it up to us and then complain and moan that your not happy with our decisions. Seems like the committee can’t win. If the committee steped down tomorrow what would happen to the club?

    There’s no “shame” on Launceston rc. We tried and tried to hang onto them as long as possible but it just can’t happen. If we didn’t then we could possibly lose the whole venue then nobody would be able to run as we were running later and later into the evening.

  15. Alex says:

    I think it is a great move for the club and the only way for the club to develop. If touring cars stay, then what is there now is all that there will ever be. This club has the potential to be a club with a national presence with all the facilities needed to attract people from all over Australia on your doorstep. Where else can you have a pizza bought to you in the pits for dinner, then pack up and walk 100m to your bed!

    I don’t see attacking the committee as being the right attitude to take. The committee came up with an idea and put it to the members to vote and it was the members who made the final call. You may not like it but it’s how a democracy works.

    If you want to keep racing on-road all that is needed is for someone to take the initiative and start a club in Launceston. We only had 6 people when we started GOMCC 18 months ago, I believe you already have that many so get out there and get it happening. The way I see it, Launceston could have two awesome RC Clubs in the future…

  16. Rocket says:

    Guys, lets sort this out at the track or in a meeting to discuss the and options. Attacking each other on a forum achieves nothing except cause agro between members and committee, and things get said that we all regret later.

    The committee had a tough decision to make for the clubs future, and that’s life, we need to get on with it and continue to grow as a club and move forward from here.
    As much as I am not happy with the decision , it was voted for by all financial members and the decision is ultimately what the majority of members wanted , so we have to let it be and enjoy what we have , and you have to all agree , 3 years ago we had nothing.

    Having said that, all you on roaders(and off roaders) get your backside out to Scottsdale and rip it up on the high grip tennis courts and get the agro out on the track 😉

    See you all on Thursday 🙂

  17. ian scott says:

    I will be first one to comment on xmas bbq looking forward to it .Will be a fun day with some grass racing

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