Race Report: Thursday 25 Oct

52 entries made for a cracker night’s racing at Launceston R/C tonight, with 21 Short Course trucks, 10 buggies and solid fields in Novice, Tourers and 8th Big Bangers.

Steve Madziara (8th), Jacob Cox (Novice), Andrew Mackenzie (Tourers), Scott Guyatt (Short Course A), Shaun Whatley (Short Course B) and Jarrod Painting (10th Buggy) took the wins. Read on for more details and results….

8th Big Bangers

As is often the case lately, it was Rocket and Steve Madziara going at it up front of the Big Bangers. Rocket took the TQ spot with a blistering Q1 win, but Madziara was faster in Q2 to setup the final.  It was a tightly fought affair, but Steve was a little too strong, getting to the line 12 seconds clear after 10 minutes, Ben Wilson consistently fast in third.

  1. Steve Madziara 29 10:14
  2. Rocket Houghton 28 10:06
  3. Ben Wilson 25 10:14
  4. Brett Baylis 23 10:13
  5. Adam Beresford (4wd SC) 2 1:26
  6. John Silczak (no counting)
  7. Ian Scott (4wd SC) DNS
  8. Matthew Chandler (2wd SC) DNS


Jacob Cox continued his winning ways in this class, going fastest in both rounds of qualifying before picking up a very narrow win over the ever present Chloe Beresford, with Danny Tatnell a little further back. Tom West actually ran with the Novice group, with SC Trucks over-subscribed, but we’ll transfer his result into the SC B final field.

  1. Jacob Cox 22 10:13
  2. Chloe Beresford 22 10:15
  3. Danny Tatnell 18 10:27
  4. Chris West 17 10:31
  5. Andrew West 7 5:23
  6. Ian Griffin 3 2:31


The regular Tourer field was supplemented tonight with the welcome visit of Hobart’s Adrian Grey running a front-wheel-drive tourer.  Andrew Mackenzie would stamp his authority on the event, picking up both qualifying race wins over Jade Chandler before going on to a big A final win, Jade again second, and Matthew Chandler a good third, with Grey back in the pits early.

  1. Andrew Mackenzie (Mini) 41 10:11
  2. Jade Chandler (Mini?) 38 10:08
  3. Matthew Chandler (Mini?) 36 10:06
  4. James Atkinson (Tourer) 29 10:20
  5. Adrian Grey (Tourer) 17 4:40
  6. Graham Viney (Tourer?) 1 1:36
  7. Ian Scott (Tourer) DNS

Short Course

A big 21 truck field meant heaps of action right through the night.  Sam Wells continued his dominant form to comfortably top qualify, with the returning Scott Guyatt threatening in second and Adam Beresford a close-up third.

The B final went the way of Shaun Whatley, with a pacey drive that would have placed him mid-field in the A final, and well clear of Brett Baylis and James Atkinson.

  1. Shaun Whatley 25 10:20
  2. Brett Baylis 23 10:09
  3. James Atkinson 23 10:23
  4. Derek Beresford 22 10:06
  5. Tom West 22 10:09
  6. Leo Lorenzen 22 10:16
  7. Richard Green 21 10:12
  8. Andrew Eberhardt 20 10:00
  9. Ian Griffin 17 10:38
  10. Danny Tatnell (DNS)
  11. Philip Ferguson (DNS)

The A final was a race of two halves, the first five minutes a tight battle between Guyatt and Wells before Scott skipped away to leave Sam chasing home, Adam Beresford a little further back in third and fending off Calvin James.

  1. Scott Guyatt 28 10:15
  2. Sam Wells 27 10:09
  3. Adam Beresford 26 10:23
  4. Calvin James 25 10:09
  5. Jarrod Painting 25 10:19
  6. Chris Madziara 24 10:02
  7. Rodney Houghton 24 10:17
  8. Jade Chandler 24 10:18
  9. Justin Strickland 21 10:01
  10. Mark Rayner 6 6:05

Tenth Buggy

Jarrod Painting is proving a hard man to catch in Tenth Buggy and so it would prove tonight, picking up the TQ spot with two straight wins, and then running out almost a lap clear of an impressive 2wd-mounted Andrew Mackenzie, and club president Patrick Hume getting the better of the closest finish of the night, just 0.3 secs ahead of fourth placed Damien Betts.

  1. Jarrod Painting (4wd) 29 10:13
  2. Andrew Mackenzie (2wd) 28 10:10
  3. Patrick Hume (4wd) 27 10:02
  4. Damien Betts (4wd) 27 10:02
  5. Justin Strickland (2wd) 27 10:18
  6. Calvin James (4wd) 26 10:06
  7. Chris Madziara (2wd) 23 10:07
  8. Chris Murray (2wd) 23 10:08
  9. Tom West (2wd) 19 10:11
  10. Mark Rayner (2wd) 4 2:04

Great night of racing all round, with a big turnout.  With just three club race meetings left in 2012, we’re in for a cracking finish to the year. Come on back November 8th when we’ll do it all again.


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12 Responses to Race Report: Thursday 25 Oct

  1. Had a average night all round for me touring car giving up late into heat 2 of Qualifying and Blitz had a loose sensor wire during the final but i cant complain about my 3rd for the Blitz also continuing its consistant run averaging podiums in the last few rounds!!

  2. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Mini and B4 both went well after making a few changes. Just need to change it back now for Goodwood.
    Thanks again to those who swapped or dropped a class to help out.
    Great to see Scott back last night.

  3. Rocket says:

    Well I bombed out big time in SC .. first corner my ball cup popped off for no reason at all , lost 3 laps in the pits but managed to scramble back to 7th , thats racing , take the good with the bad 😉 has made the points score very interesting , looks like Adam is now 3 points in front of me 🙂

    Big Bangers after 7 race meetings I have finally got the LRP right on the pace at the pointy end again, very happy with the progress of that one , made small changes each time out and have finally nailed the set up 🙂 little late to make a charge for this series , but bring on next point series 🙂

    • dezzar12 says:

      rocket u are 3 pts ahead of Adam with 2 drops!next two meets will be intense!rubbings racing.

      • dezzar12 says:

        oh yer the ball cups on the blitz arent much cop,mine keep popping of too,just got a new set, and new ball cups which are dark brown in colour and are tighter than the chrome ones which cost all up for 20 bucks from Tiger models.

  4. dezzar12 says:

    one more thing dont tell Adam i told you..lol.

    • Rocket says:

      Lol 😉 wont say a word 😉
      I’ve never had problems with the blitz ball cups before , not sure why it popped off as it’s on there tight and no slop at all , just one of those those things i guess 🙂

  5. ian scott says:

    Good turnout thursday night but my worst night since we started.
    The ofna 4×4 sc failed miserable with engine mounting problems never done a lap
    The tourer steering problems again with the steering horn and only done 8 laps of the 1st qualifing. WE all have these nights

  6. Justin Strickland says:

    Will the timing results be put up soon for this race meet and the last one?

    • Greenie says:

      for sure! I have to pass on the files to the other Greeny(my bother) to post up. lack of Internet at home really hampers things!! Apologies for the delay on full timed results.

  7. Justin Strickland says:

    Cheers Greenie 🙂

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