Results!!! 11/10/2012

Again sorry for the wait Guys and Gals,

but here you are!! Results from last Thursday…..

Pos Name ID#
1st Jacob Cox (TQ)
2nd Chloe Beresford
3rd Sam Bettz
4th Arron Meyman
5th Kris Jones

Pos Name ID#
1st Jade Chandler (TQ)
2nd Matthew Chandler
3rd James Atkinson
DNS Ian Scott
DNS Kellie Viney

Short Course A
Pos Name ID#
1st Sam Wells (TQ)
2nd Mark Rayner
3rd Adam Beresford
4th Damien Betts
5th Rodney Houghton
6th Justin Strickland
7th Calvin James
8th Jarrod Painting
9th Shaun Whatley
10th Jade Chandler

Short Course B
Pos Name ID#
1st Derek Beresford
2nd Chris Madziara
3rd James Atkinson
4th Matthew Chandler
5th Jacob Cox
6th Alexander Wade

Tenth Buggy
Pos Name ID#
1st Jarrod Painting (TQ)
2nd Calvin James
3rd Patrick Hume
4th Damien Betts
5th Andrew MacKenzie
6th Justin Strickland
7th Leo Lorenzen
8th Sam Wells
9th Danny Tatnell
DNS Ben Goode

8th Big Bangers
Pos Name ID#
1st Rodney Houghton (TQ)
2nd Adam Beresford
3rd Ben Wilson
DNS John Silczak
DNS Steve Madziara

Now, when i can figure out how to link the full results, I’ll post them up for everyone.


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  1. Email them to me and I’ll upload them to the RGP website.

  2. Paddy says:

    Your kinda missing 8th and 10th results greenie…

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